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It Never Ceases to Amaze Me!

Cheap Stock$ Big Buck$

Presented Thursday, 28 May

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Dear Fellow Trader:

I have been in the trading business for more than 52 years!

During this time I have met 1000’s of traders, mentored, lectured, traded in front of large groups in real time, managed money, owned part of a brokerage firm, and traded extensively. I have seen every type of chart, all sorts of indicators, listened to the most ridiculous of theories and seen the best as well as the worst traders.

But what never ceases to amaze me is the perennial interest that almost all traders have in short-term strategies. I have often wondered why.

Sometimes it feels as if the only thing traders care about is taking that short-term profit and coming back to do it again. It’s hard work, it requires considerable attention, it’s labor-intensive, it requires significant organizational skills, but the bottom line is that it’s extremely enjoyable because the challenge of “beating the market” is almost as rewarding as the money it makes.

Cheap Stock$ Big Buck$

A few weeks ago I hosted a webinar entitled Cheap Stocks Big Bucks. Not only was I astounded at the number of traders who registered for the webinar, but I was also flabbergasted by the emails I received AFTER the Webinar, from people wanting more information as well as another Cheap Stocks Big Bucks webinar that gave more examples of the methodology I taught.

I thought that SESSION 2 would be the last of the two sessions on this topic. But I was wrong! Hardly a day goes by that I don’t get a phone call or an email request to do it again. And so, I am once more amazed by the degree of interest in short-term trading. But the concept of short-term trading in cheap stocks with the potential of making big bucks is the most appealing aspect of this whole process.

Therefore, in response to persistent demand for SESSION 3 of Cheap Stock$ Big Buck$, I will do it again next Thursday, May 28 for 2 hours with the following goals in mind:

• I will explain my Cheap Stock$ Big Buck$ trading strategy in 100% detail
• all entry and exit rules will be illustrated and explained with numerous real examples
• I will show you entry and exit strategies ideal to your particular level of risk
• you will learn how to find the cheap stocks that are right for your budget and risk level
• you will also learn how to maximize profits and limit losses
• I will explain how to find the proper candidates for your trading (volume and price)
• we will focus on stocks in the $3 to $15 price range because they work best
• I will teach you the procedure to use at the end of each day to pick your trades for the next day   and, I will show you how to determine your entries just before market opening in order to get   potentially better price executions
• I will show you which stocks to avoid and why
• I will take you step-by-step through trade after using current examples and
• much more

If you attended sessions 1 and 2 you can attend session 3 for only $49. If you have not attended any of the sessions you will get session 3 as well as sessions one and two video recordings for only $118. If you have seen the kind of worthless information that people out there are selling for thousands of dollars I can assure you that you will appreciate the absurdly low price of the sessions that I’m offering to you.

I do so because I love my work, I teach what I trade, and I trade what I teach.

So if you have attended SESSIONS 1 and 2, join me for SESSION 3. Furthermore if you attended SESSIONS 1 and 2, and you’ve looked at what the methods have been doing you know that they have been working extremely well. I am not foolish enough to believe that what I will teach you is perfect. Do not confuse exceptionally reliable and useful with perfect. This is not perfect but it is superbly effective, easy to use, easy to understand and it is 100% rule-based. Join me next Thursday for 2 hours of education that have the potential to change your trading results forever. and for the better, particularly if your budget only allows you to trade lower-priced stocks.

Maximize the results of your considerable efforts.

I wish you the best of trading in good health during these troubled times


Jake Bernstein Cheap Stocks Big Bucks Webinar
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Jake Bernstein Cheap Stocks Big Bucks Webinar SESSION 3
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* If you bought the 2020 Webinar Package there is NO CHARGE for this webinar.

See you at the webinar!

Jake Bernstein
Network Press

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