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Beginning of the end,
or opportunity of a llfetime?
What to do now!

The outstanding chart above showing the approximate 100 year cycle in virus epidemics was provided by our good friend Andy Pancholi of the Market Timing Report. I will discuss in detail the implications and prognostications which are the result of this epidemic cycle. In addition I will discuss the smaller cycles, many of which are now bottoming for substantial moves – be prepared!

Beginning of the end,
or opportunity of a llfetime?
What to do now!

A Webinar by Jake Bernstein

Thursday, 14 May
3:00 - 5:00 PM PT

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Dear Concerned Fellow Trader and Investor:

In the midst of the biggest bull market in history the ultimate “black swan” event attacks nations, people, markets, and economies throughout the world with a vengeance.

Stocks crash!

Crude oil prices fall to negative values.

Drug stocks rally. Governments panic. The United States treasury injects trillions of dollars of liquidity into the system and pays individuals and businesses so they can pay other individuals and businesses in order to avoid an economic death spiral.
Airlines plummet and now sit on the verge of bankruptcy.

People shelter in place. Social distancing is mandated in states and countries throughout the world. Death and disease projections flash on TV screens like scores on sports games. Projections of death and disease vary widely from the acceptable to the unacceptable to the downright catastrophic.

Opinions, forecasts, expectations, analyses, conspiracy theories, mudslinging, name-calling, social unrest, legal challenges, and ramped up medical research dominate the news 24/7.

In the meantime, the raging bulls on gold have been sorely disappointed. The worst of the worst, short of nuclear war, failed to skyrocket gold prices to new all-time highs. Investors, and gold bulls scratch their heads in a WTF moment.

Originally scheduled for this weekend my Behavioral Economics webinar will be delayed because I see something much more important happening now. Remember that change and crisis = opportunity.

I have never been one to mince my words or forecasts or to avoid any definitive opinions. Join me this Thursday for what may well prove to be my most timely webinar ever. I will deal with the issues stated below with clarity and direction. If you have previously purchased my webinar packages for 2020, the webinar is yours free. Otherwise it will be the mere price of $89, an incredible bargain for what you will get.


Jake Bernstein Webinar The Covid Crisis

Jake Bernstein Webinar The Covid Crisis

Here is a review of what you will get:

• Time to panic or time to profit?
• Six outstanding investments to make now!
• Will gold skyrocket?
• Crypto currencies: is now the time?
• Is the bull market in stocks over or is this a fantastic buying opportunity?
• What the disease cycles say now
• How one fabulous indicator signaled the top and the recent bottom: what it says now
• The intermediate and long-term cycles Outlook: what you must know
• The 10 cheap stocks that you should be looking at seriously
• Has society changed forever?
• How to adapt your investments for the next five years
• Recognizing the next panic before it begins
• Is the next big move a melt up or melt down?
• My long-term biotech forecast was right: which way now?
• What to expect in interest rates, real estate, and commodities
• And so much more!

To register for this very timely event please click the links below and if you have any questions you can write me: jake@trade–

Jake Bernstein Webinar The Covid Crisis

Jake Bernstein Webinar The Covid Crisis

* If you bought the 2020 Webinar Package there is NO CHARGE for this webinar.

PS: I have intentionally kept the price of this webinar very low to allow as many people to attend as possible because I really want you to succeed with my great trading tools

Be safe,

Jake Bernstein
Network Press

PS. Write me if you have any questions: jake@trade–

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