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Jake Bernstein Webinar

Stocks & Futures

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Weekly Swing Trading:
Stocks & Futures

Saturday, 18 July

3:00 - 4:30 PM PT

Many traders are under the false impression that swing trading is similar to day trading or that swing trading must always be short-term. Their incorrect assumption keeps them from taking advantage of significant opportunities that occur over a period of several weeks to as much of several months. Swing trading in the weekly time frame offers numerous advantages to traders who want to have a life and just don’t want to sit in front of the computer all day looking for opportunities. In this webinar I would like to share with you a unique approach, using indicators that you already know from my work, to help you take advantage of swing trades that occur within the weekly time frame and thereby require less attention and in the long run produce fewer trades with bigger profits. If you’re the kind of trader who understands the meaning of “less is more” then you will find this webinar ideally suited for your orientation and available time. Everything I show you will be specific, clear and rule-based. I will include numerous examples of weekly swing trades in stocks, Forex and futures.

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Jake Bernstein
Network Press

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