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Dear Fellow Trader:

I am pleased to announce the following webinar schedule through June 2020.
Please note the following:

• Every Webinar will be at least 90 minutes in length.

• Every Webinar will contain highly specific information based on methodologies I am currently using as well as new research and/or updated or new forecasts.

• If you bought the 2020 Webinar pass ALL webinars will be free of charge for you. Otherwise webinars are priced at $69 CLIENT PRICE.

• These are all educational webinars designed to teach new material, review existing material, and/or introduce you to research Iím currently doing.

• All the information presented is specific and fully objective unless otherwise stated.

• All sessions are recorded and will be available to you on demand.

• Some of the sessions will teach methods and or indicators I have never taught before.

• All webinars are priced at $69 client price with the exception of the midyear forecast which is $129 or $369 for non-client. Non-client fee is $249 for each webinar.

• Buy all the Webinars and get a huge discount. (see below)

Popping the Market with Stochastics

Saturday, 4 April
3:00 - 4:30 PM PT

The stochastic indicator is probably the most misunderstood, misused and abused indicator ever. It has its good points and it’s very bad points. In this Webinar I will show you the right ways and the wrong ways to use stochastics. I will show you three high accuracy, fully objective ways in which you can use stochastics for short-term trading while avoiding the pitfalls of thinking in terms of overbought and oversold.
Here is a partial list of what I will teach:

• Is stochastics still a valid indicator?
• Understanding stochastics and how to use it
• The best input values for the stochastics indicator (SI)
• The stochastics pop – I discovered it and how I use it
• Thinking out of the box with SI
• Profit maximizing strategies using the SP (Stochastic Pop)

The Premier Method for Picking Tops and Bottoms:
Divergence in Its Many Forms

Saturday, 11 April
3:00 - 4:30 PM PT


My 52 years of experience have taught me, among other things, that one of the best if not the very best way to zero in on tops and bottoms in any timeframe is through the use of divergence. The good news is that my Power Momentum Divergence tool as well as 4 other specific timing triggers can help us pick significant tops and bottoms in any timeframe close to their starting points with complete objectivity and 100% clear rules. I have developed 100% rule-based applications using five concise setups and timing triggers to catch significant tops and bottoms in stocks, futures, and Forex in any timeframe! While many of you are familiar with this methodology using momentum, MACD, OBV, and the detrended oscillator, I will introduce another powerful divergence indicator. Using whichever divergence indicator triggers first, I believe we can capture large moves when they begin and better yet we can identify them before they start. Don’t miss this one!


Cheap Stocks – Big Bucks:
A Truly Amazing Webinar

Saturday, 18 April

3:00 - 4:30 PM PT

There are so many traders who want to take advantage of the huge volatility we have seen in stocks during the last several years. Now that we can trade literally commission free the advantages to all traders but especially small traders are huge. I have never presented a webinar that focuses strictly on trading low-priced stocks. This is a first. Why? Being able to trade large positions (600 shares or more) of low-priced stocks (under $10) with no commissions allows you to take advantage of small moves with very limited capital. For example 600 shares of the $10 stock would require $6000 in margin. A 20 cents move in that stock would produce $120 profit with no commissions. If you scale that to a $15,000 account and capture even small moves in low-priced (NOT “PENNY” STOCKS) stocks it all adds up to good money. With the volatility which continues to pervade the markets these opportunities present themselves numerous times every day. I will show you how it’s done! Even if you’re not a stock trader you may decide that this is a great procedure.

Furthering Your Understanding
of the POWERFUL COT Report

Saturday, 25 April

3:00 - 4:30 PM PT

Commitment of Traders Report (COT) has opened your eyes to a new world of long-term trading otherwise known as investing. The COT is truly the most powerful tool for acquiring and using legal inside information. When you see the perspective I will provide you at this webinar you will understand why I have so much respect for what commercial traders are doing and how it can predict the biggest moves in history. The configuration or set up patterns that are now developing in a number of commodity markets have VAST implications for coming moves in futures, stocks, and ETF’s. Now that there is an ETF for virtually every futures market there is no barrier to participation in some of the biggest moves in history. And some of these are beginning right now! See what the insiders are doing and learn how to participate. I will show you the next five big moves that are forming.

The New Paradigm In Precious Metals
& Crypto Currencies

Saturday, 2 May

3:00 - 4:30 PM PT

The recent crash and massive volatility in virtually all financial sectors including the crypto currencies has left many traders and investors frustrated and confused. Why?: because they have been told for many years that precious metals and crypto currencies offer a safe haven from financial instability. They bought gold expecting it to protect them from economic chaos. It didn’t work they bought crypto’s in order to protect them from financial chaos. It didn’t work. They responded to all the advertising on television to buy gold and silver in their IRA accounts in order to protect them. It didn’t work. Investors were told to buy bonds in order to protect them from financial chaos. The markets became extremely volatile and there was no protection why? This webinar will focus on explaining to you why the traditional models of portfolio analysis and asset allocation didn’t work; why they won’t work going forward, and what you can do about it in preparation for the next market crisis which is, I assure you coming!


A Brief Course In Behavioral Economics

Saturday, 9 & 16 May

3:00 - 4:30 PM PT

The relatively new science of behavioral economics combines the best aspects of applied economic theory with the best aspects of behavioral psychology. If you’re not familiar with the basics of behavioral economics and what they can teach us about investing and trading then this is the time for you to become acquainted with these powerful concepts but moreover I want you to see how they help us as traders and investors. A good example of behavioral economics in operation is the seemingly unusual relationship between bullish fundamental reports resulting in bearish market moves. Why do these things happen? How do we use this knowledge to our advantage as traders and investors? In addition to the seemingly contrary movement of markets in relation to fundamentals that should make prices move the other way, small trader sentiment is another powerful example of how behavioral economics can help us spot big and small moves before they happen. All you need to know are the principles of this powerful new science because in so doing you will know how to apply them to vastly improve your market timing and your trade location in stocks, futures, and Forex.

The Daily Sentiment Index:
The Ultra Powerful Secret Weapon
of Hedge Funds!

Saturday, 23 May

3:00 - 4:30 PM PT

In 1987 I began publication of the Daily Sentiment Index (DSI). Little did I know at that time that the DSI would go on to become the most powerful, most respected, most amazing, and most followed contrary opinion tool in existence today. My list of subscribers to the DSI service reads like a Who’s Who of the biggest and most successful money managers, hedge fund traders, and market analysts in the world. Privacy prevents me from giving you the names of these huge traders but rest assured these are names that everyone in the business will recognize as the biggest and the best. If you have never seen the DSI in operation, if you have never seen the astounding correlation between its ability to be a leading indicator of tops and bottoms and its frequent pinpointing of tops and bottoms to the very day then get ready to be blown away. But this powerful tool must be used with rules, intelligence, and procedures. We don’t just look at the DSI and say “oh the small trader is 90% bullish let’s go short”. There is much more to it than that and I will show it to you at this major educational event.


The 2020 Midyear Forecast

Saturday, 6 June

3:00 - 5:00 PM PT

If you have ever attended one of my forecast webinars then you know firsthand how the vast historical perspective I present for all active markets. My midyear forecast and my annual forecasts have been my most popular webinars and they have had the largest attendance. Why? Not only do I give specific overviews and forecasts but I also show you the Long term cycles, the status of major buyers and sellers, and approximate price targets as well as timing. My Midyear Forecast and my Annual Forecasts have had a great record of accuracy in terms of intermediate and long-term projections. This extremely important webinar is attended by traders all over the world. If you only attend two of my webinars this year make sure that the Annual Forecast and my Midyear Forecast are the ones you pick. The vast historical perspective that you get is an essential tool for anyone seeking to make big bucks over the intermediate and long-term.


Weekly Swing Trading:
Stocks and Futures

Saturday, 13 June

3:00 - 4:30 PM PT

Many traders are under the false impression that swing trading is similar to day trading or that swing trading must always be short-term. Their incorrect assumption keeps them from taking advantage of significant opportunities that occur over a period of several weeks to as much of several months. Swing trading in the weekly time frame offers numerous advantages to traders who want to have a life and just don’t want to sit in front of the computer all day looking for opportunities. In this webinar I would like to share with you a unique approach, using indicators that you already know from my work, to help you take advantage of swing trades that occur within the weekly time frame and thereby require less attention and in the long run produce fewer trades with bigger profits. If you’re the kind of trader who understands the meaning of “less is more” then you will find this webinar ideally suited for your orientation and available time. Everything I show you will be specific, clear and rule-based. I will include numerous examples of weekly swing trades in stocks, Forex and futures.


What to Do Every Day

Saturday, 20 June

3:00 - 4:30 PM PT

In my experience one of the biggest problems that traders encounter is the number of choices they have in terms of trades, systems, strategies, and methods. In fact, it seems that practically every day is a new strategy or a new system or new indicator. The good news about the Internet is that there’s so much information available. The bad news is that there’s so much information available. Traders get confused, they can’t focus, and they end up being disorganized, often failing to follow a particular structure or strategy. The best way to avoid the problems that come with this dilemma is to follow a particular plan of attack and to know before each day begins as well as after each day ends exactly what to do. At this webinar I will give you some very clear and effective ideas to help you organize your trading no matter what your methodology may be and no matter what markets you may be trading. I firmly believe that this webinar will be of immense value to you whether you’re a new trader or an experienced trader who feels you are not achieving your full potential.


Gaps! Gaps! Gaps!
How to Trade Them Profitably!

Saturday, 27 June

3:00 - 4:30 PM PT

Massive market volatility is here to stay. Many stocks and futures, even in spite of extended hours trading open for the day on significant price gaps as measured from the previous close of trading. These gaps are usually a result of news, geopolitics, earnings, or broker upgrades/downgrades. While most traders are afraid of gaps, I embrace them. Gaps have a substantial meaning and frequently reveal the strength or weakness of the market as well as high probability trading opportunities. Within the context of my trading model gaps are set ups. They tell you that something is likely to happen. But the thing they tell you is not a trading opportunity but rather a pattern that must be triggered. I will show you my best research and timing tools for trading gaps effectively and profitably on daily charts. Many gaps eventually resolve themselves as trades but some specific types of gaps have significant long-term and intermediate term predictive validity I will show you exactly how to use gaps to your distinct advantage.

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IN THIS SERIES through June

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See you at the webinars!

Jake Bernstein
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