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Jake Bernstein WEBINAR

Gaps! Gaps! Gaps!
How to Trade Them Profitably!

Saturday, 19 September
3:00 - 4:30 PM PT

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Gaps! Gaps! Gaps!
How to Trade Them Profitably!

Saturday, 19 September

3:00 - 4:30 PM PT

Massive market volatility is here to stay. Many stocks and futures, even in spite of extended hours trading open for the day on significant price gaps as measured from the previous close of trading. These gaps are usually a result of news, geopolitics, earnings, or broker upgrades/downgrades. While most traders are afraid of gaps, I embrace them.

Gaps have a substantial meaning and frequently reveal the strength or weakness of the market as well as high probability trading opportunities. Within the context of my trading model gaps are set ups. They tell you that something is likely to happen. But the thing they tell you is not a trading opportunity but rather a pattern that must be triggered. I will show you my best research and timing tools for trading gaps effectively and profitably on daily charts.

Many gaps eventually resolve themselves as trades but some specific types of gaps have significant long-term and intermediate term predictive validity I will show you exactly how to use gaps to your distinct advantage.

Fight the Virus! Learn Powerful Techniques While Sheltering in Place!


A Brief Course In Behavioral Economics

26 September
& 3 October 2020
3:00 - 4:30 PM PT

The relatively new science of behavioral economics combines the best aspects of applied economic theory with the best aspects of behavioral psychology. If you’re not familiar with the basics of behavioral economics and what they can teach us about investing and trading then this is the time for you to become acquainted with these powerful concepts but moreover I want you to see how they help us as traders and investors.

A good example of behavioral economics in operation is the seemingly unusual relationship between bullish fundamental reports resulting in bearish market moves. Why do these things happen? How do we use this knowledge to our advantage as traders and investors? In addition to the seemingly contrary movement of markets in relation to fundamentals that should make prices move the other way, small trader sentiment is another powerful example of how behavioral economics can help us spot big and small moves before they happen.

All you need to know are the principles of this powerful new science because in so doing you will know how to apply them to vastly improve your market timing and your trade location in stocks, futures, and Forex.



Presented Saturday, 15 August

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If you attended my Midyear Forecast not too long ago then you know that many of the moves I expected have been happening AS PROJECTED! You also know that many of the market moves have been extremely volatile and exaggerated to the upside as well as the downside. 

I will spend 90 minutes with you showing you the intermediate and long-term outlook for every major futures market as I work directly from my screen to give you a solid perspective on what to expect between now and year-end.

We adapt. We project. We examine consistent market patterns. We move forward with clear expectations and we succeed. I have kept the price of this webinar extremely low to encourage your attendance. If you can't attend the LIVE session, do order the RECORDING!

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See you at the webinars!

Jake Bernstein
Network Press

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